Espíritu Travel

Creators of custom-made Travel experiences

Espíritu Travel is a dedicated team in the know about travel and the destinations that we offer. We specialize in creating wonderful and life-enriching experiences for individuals who want to have an independent and innovative trip. We’ll provide you with insightful, straightforward travel advice and a bespoke trip plan, organized so that your time away is perfect.

Everything we do is custom-made, led by the needs and wishes of our clients. So our role is to make sure that your travels are filled with moments of discovery and indulge your curiosity about the destination. With us, you’ll see the place in a different light and discover things you won’t find out about any other way.

Our focus on


At Espíritu Travel, we believe that travel can have a positive impact not only on individuals and their travel experiences but also on the destinations that receive them. Travel, when done correctly, can help local economies as well as preserve the culture and support conservation efforts and the protection of wildlife habitat. The road to sustainability is one without end, we say it is a journey.

Client Testimonials

Over the years, we’ve created countless inspirational trips for our clients, and what better testament to this than to read about their experience and our service? You can check out our reviews by visiting the pages for the country you want to travel.

Who is behind Espíritu Travel?

Karin Eckhard

Company CEO

I’ll be the first to admit it, it is time consuming and challenging to plan a complicated trip. No biggie if you want to just head to the beach and chill out for the week but if your idea of travel is spending ten or fourteen days exploring a country, there are a lot of things to consider. We all have busy working lives and limited time or insight to research and plan a complicated travel experience, but yet still have a desire to make the most of each day.
We want to make each day of your trip count so that you don’t miss a thing. We’re inspired by our own desire to make each trip perfect and our passion for service that’s creatively shaped around individuals.

Marta Bermejo

Director of Operations

Although I am Spanish and my residence is in Málaga (Andalucía), I have had the great opportunity of being able to live and work for many years in various Latin American countries such as Panama, Peru, and the Dominican Republic.

I have traveled extensively for the last 25 years, visiting much of my own country of Spain, as well as Portugal and many countries around the world. I have learned to value what other cultures can offer and teach us.

Like many of the clients we work with, I have always been crazy about traveling. Since I was able to start traveling on my own, I have traveled all around Europe, Latin America, North America, and Asia. That passion for traveling led me to do a postgraduate/master’s degree in Tourism Management, and later to partner with industry professionals to set up our own travel company.  

My intention is always to ensure that travelers live, know, and feel the countries they visit with the same intensity and authenticity that I do.

Marina Courtaut

Team Leader & Senior Travel Consultant

I am Spanish by birth but my father is from France so my heart is always divided. My passion for traveling came from my parents, who have shared their trips around the world with me. Since then, I haven’t stopped, always looking for authentic experiences that help me understand the culture of the place I visit. I have had the opportunity to live in the state of Michigan, in Amsterdam and Paris, and I have traveled through many corners of the world and in my country Spain, the cradle of the Flamenco Art.

Can you think of a better way to live adventures than traveling? When we travel we open our minds to new experiences and learn new cultures by making the destination we visited our home for a short time. My job as part of the Espiritu Travel team is to ensure that after your trip, you will always remember that destination as another one of “your home”. I am passionate about designing trips that include the highlights of Spain and Portugal, including small places that go beyond the conventions and show the authentic culture of the destination.

Beatriz De Pablo Rocha

Product Manager, Italy & Morocco & Travel Advisor

The combination of the two places where I grew up (Madrid and a small village in Badajoz, Extremadura) has made me a passionate traveler almost from birth. Unknown destinations visited by travelers who ran away from clichés and crowded places have always caught my attention, and from my point of view, these are the places that best allow you to get to know a culture and its traditions.

I firmly believe that each of the trips we make changes our life (even just a little), and that is why I rely on experiences when I have to choose a new destination and the activities to enjoy there. I had the opportunity to spend a couple of weeks in a favela in Cape Town and listening to the real stories of the people living there absolutely changed my mind. Since I started traveling (through most of Europe and several destinations in Africa), I have felt the need to share these amazing and very diverse experiences with all the people who allow me to do it and create in them a memory for a lifetime.

Marta Trzeciakowska

Product Manager, Spain & Portugal & Travel Advisor

From a very young age, I have grown up in an international environment since my parents moved to Spain from Poland. This meant that every year we traveled across Europe to visit our family and friends, discovering along the way numerous cultures and magical places: from the biggest cities to the smallest villages. In all of them, I have learned that the only way to get the most out of a destination is to dedicate time to the small details that make the trip unforgettable.

Further on I decided to move across the ocean to the US and stayed for some time in Virginia, where I learned that I was not the only one obsessed with Spanish culture. All of these experiences made me realize that the world is just waiting to be explored and that the best way to start is to focus on close-by places. This made me travel all across Spain, Portugal, and the north of Africa, with some trips to other parts of Europe, to gather all my knowledge and prepare incredible experiences for other travelers.